Bareback Bronc
Riding, developed
in the rodeo
arena many years

In barrel racing,
the contestant
enters the arena
at full speed
on a sprinting Quarter Horse...[more...]

A bull rider will
be disqulified
for touching the
animal, himself
or his equipment
with his free hand...[more...]

How Rodeo Began
Tales tell of the rodeo
being born in 1864 in
in Deer Trail, Colorado,
where cowboys from
neighboring ranches
met to settle [more...]
The PRCA History
The Professional Cowboys Rodeo Assoc.
was created in 1936 when a group
of cowboys walked out of a rodeo at
the Boston Gardens to protest the
action of rodeo promoter W.T. Johnson,
when he refused to add the cowboys' entry fees [more...]
Some of the boots behind the Rodeo
Many people gave
countless hours to
helping and hosting the
this Andy Devine
Days Rodeo [more...]

Andy Devine Days
2009 PRCA Rodeo
September 26 and 27
1:00 PM both days
Andy Devine

There must be somebody who hasn't heard of Andy Devine, but that person sure doesn't live in Kingman where Andy is becoming somewhat of a folk hero. Who would have thought on November 16, 1906, when Amy Devine, Mae, her stepdaughter, and Tom Jr......
Designed and Hosted by Raymond Shields
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